After Hair Transplantation; On the second day you can wash your hair after hair transplant surgery but you have to be careful. For 15 days you have to do special and careful washing. After 15 days hair become well and does not need special care.

First 48 hour is important at hair transplant surgery. You have to care hair from stroke and friction because of transplanted hair follicles has not hold on to hair tissue but fixed with blood clot. First three days you should avoid from impulse, you should not bend your head and you should not welter. These movements can cause distention because of serum used during hair transplant surgery on forehead, eye and face area.

First washing carried out 2 days after hair transplant surgery. Washing is made in the surgery center or by the patient.

The purpose of hair washing process is to ensure the loss of blood clot that is occurred during hair follicles taken and the channels opened. Washing starts 24-48 hours later and continued until scar tissue has gone (for 7-10 days). Washing is done once a day. If the scabs are not gone until one week washing can be done twice a day.

If the scabs (blood clot) are not gone until 10 days you should contact the surgeon. Rubbing gently will be useful on 3-4th day of washing for scar getting well. Do not break off the scab this can cause loosing the transplanted hair follicle.

For one month after hair transplant surgery, staying out of sea, Turkish bath, sauna, direct sun light and hard fitness protects the donor area against infection and provides growing your transplanted hair follicle healthier.