Beard Transplantation

Beard Transplantation Turkey, The beard problem, which has aesthetic value for men in the society, can be solved with the beard transplant procedure. This procedure plays a big role in eliminating this kind of problems providing thicker beard by eliminating the deficiency in the beard area.

Genetic factors, traumas, burning, or congenital defects can cause sparse beard or not growing beard. Thanks to the beard transplant procedures that solve these problems, men will be able to have the beard they want.

Being beardless causes great anxiety and lack of self-esteem for men. This procedures offer effective solutions and men will be able to grow thick beard. You can have a thicker beard with beard transplantation.

How Is Beard Transplantation Performed?

Beard has a very important place for men. The beard transplantation procedure, which helps to eliminate the psychological problems of beardless men, gives a very reliable and successful result. It is possible to say that the same techniques and applications are used as in hair transplantation.

Before starting the procedure, the donor and recipient area is determined. Then, the suitable micro motors for the follicles are used to performed the extraction. In order to avoid form damaging the follicles, equipments with the suitable proportion of micro punches are used.

The required amount of grafts are extracted. Afterwards, these extracted grafts are implanted on the recipient areas where there is no beard. It provide a natural look for the patient. It is not possible to leave any scars after this procedure that requires attention.

The beard transplantation procedures that are suitable for the beardless or non-beard area is performed safely.

Before and After of Beard Transplantation

Before performing the extraction and implantation of beard transplantation procedure, the situation of the recipient area must be examined well. In his way, the difference between the images before and after the transplantation similar to the patient’s case can be shown to the patient.

It helps to the patient to decide whether to have the procedure or not. There are some instructions to be given by the specialist surgeon before the beard transplantation procedure is performed. These instructions must be followed.

Among the instruction; one week before the operation, the patient should stop consuming alcohol, smoking, caffeine and some kind of medications. These conditions, which brings some advantages during the procedure, will also shorten the recovery period after the operation.

On the day of beard transplantation, the beards should be clean. It is necessary to pay attention to the cleanliness of the donor area where the extraction is performed. Chemical products should not be applied on the beard.

In order for the beard transplantation to give successful results after the procedure, the instructions given by the surgeon before the procedure must be followed. It is beneficial to continue these instructions for a week. After the beard transplantation, the beards should not be be washed.

The hair follicles need to stay dry for a few days to be adapted and held. It is useful to avoid from moistening the implanted beard.

To make your beard look better, you can try to avoid from chemical products and you should keep taking the medications prescribed by the surgeon. By protecting your health in the most accurate way, you can help the operation to give a successful result. Bleeding might be seen even if it is very rare.


The hair follicles extracted from the donor area should be extracted at natural angle and implanted at natural angle. During the beard transplantation, channel opening is not performed. Implantation is performed via special implantation tools at natural angle.

The micro-tip needles with a thickness of 0.6-0.7 mm are used. Using this tools for implantation gives more reliable results. That is because this method is applied on whole of the recipient area. The follicles are being implanted at an angle of 35-40 degrees during the beard transplantation.


There are no much restrictions for the operation. It is useful to fallow all the instructions given by the surgeon until the appointment. Beard transplantation is one of the procedures that requires practical and hygienic attention.

The donor area and the recipient area where the implantation is performed should be determined correctly. The operation must be performed in a suitable way for the patient. During the procedure, the hair follicles must be extracted without being damaged and implanted at natural angles.

In order to get a more natural look, the right angles should be chosen. In the beard transplantation procedure, the grafts should be extracted one by one and implanted one by one.


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The first three days after the operation are very important. After the beard transplantation, the patient can be discharged immediately. However, it will be beneficial to rest for a few days. During this time, be sure that you strictly follow the instructions given to you by your surgeon.

The more you are careful, the more effective and successful results you have for both your health and esthetic. Avoid from wetting your beard for a few days and exposing it to moisture. Avoid from applying chemical products or similar substances.

Stop consuming alcohol and smoking for about a week after the beard transplantation. If you are on some kind of medications and consume caffeine, you may need to stop for a while. The follicles are needed to be protected well to be held by the scalp, you have tp be very careful during this period.


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Beard Transplant Prices 2024

The issue of pricing is perhaps one of the points that everyone is curious about but can not find the correct information. Unfortunately, it is not possible to get an exact price information for the beard transplant surgeries.

Because the procedure is planned personally for each patient. For this reason, it is one of the application methods that vary from person to person. The pricing is made by considering the amount of implanted grafts, the success rate of the specialist surgeon, the quality of the equipment used and the success rate of the transplantation center.

Each center has its own determined graft quantity and pricing. It will be useful to contact the centers to get more precise and clear information about beard transplantation pricing.