What is breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is an operation which is performed to eliminate the problems seen in breasts such as sagging and being larger than normal size.

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure applied to prevent the breasts sagging seen after childbirth and breastfeeding and to be lifted breasts and to prevent back pain caused by having large breasts. The surgery is one  of the aesthetic surgeries that can also be applied to people who are dissatisfied with the size of their breasts safely.

How is breast reduction surgery done?

Breast reduction surgery is a process that can be applied to all people who are over twenty and it is carried out safely by removing excess fat tissues from the breasts. The surgery is done under general anesthesia and it takes two to four hours depending on the size of breasts.

Excess fat tissues are removed through the incision that is opened like lollipop shape and the skin is closed, the surgery is completed by placing a drainage tube.

Breast Reduction Methods

The methods of breast reduction which are most often used are inverted T and free nipple graft techniques. The doctor decides on which methods suits which patient and selects the surgery technique.   The method which is most often used and leaves the least amount of scarring is inverted T technique.

Before Breast Reduction Surgery

Before breast reduction surgery, by finding  a qualified and experienced doctor and a well-equipped hospital , a good research should be done in order to undergo a successful surgery. The method that suits the patient should be determined by the doctor and the expectations of the surgery should be informed to the doctor.

Since it is a surgical operation, the patient must quit smoking ,alcohol and drugs in order to experience a successful operation. Blood thinners must be stopped and an information exchange between the doctor and the patient is required about these topics.

What are the risks of breast reduction surgery?

As with all surgical operations, it is possible to have several risks during the process of breast reduction surgery. In addition to the possibility of bleeding and infection after surgery, there may be loss of nipple sensation.

Like other surgeries, the surgery must be performed under sterile conditions by a qualified and experienced doctor in order not to have health problems.


As with any surgical procedure, the patient will experience scarring after breast reduction surgery. The degree of scarring depends on the surgery techniques. In lollipop type of incisions, the surgery leaves small degree of scarring but in inverted T technique high degree of scarring is experienced.


After breast reduction surgery the patient should have a rest at home for a week and avoid tiring physical activities. In order not to have any pain and experience any complications after surgery, sports bra must be worn advised by the doctor and the medications advised for pain must be used regularly. Dressing days that the doctor determines must not be skipped and lifting heavy things must be avoided to protect the breasts.


In the event of pain after breast reduction surgery, painkillers advised by the doctor and ice application are enough for the patient to be relieved. Pain, swelling and bruising may occur as is often the case with any surgery. These problems are temporary and can  be  controlled by advice of the doctor easily.


Breast reduction surgery does not trigger any illnesses. Likewise, it doesn’t cause breast cancer. Since all tests and examinations are applied to the patients who are over forty, by eliminating the risk of cancer these kinds of problems are prevented. Let alone the risk of cancer, the patient does not have even any problems after surgery and she can return her daily life with a great confidence.

After surgery by following the doctor’s instructions, the patient can return her daily life a week after and the doctor informs the patient that the breasts take six months to acquire their final shape.


Having a rest at least for three days, taking painkillers and antibiotics regularly are advised by the doctor. Wearing sports bra for a month supports the new breast contour. The first four weeks are important and the patient must avoid hard work and tiring physical activities.

In order to see final shape of breasts 6 to 12 months is required. If necessary, stitches are removed fifteen days after. As  smoking is an important factor that affects healing of wounds, the patient is advised not to smoke for a month by the doctor. As long as the patient absolutely follows the doctor’s advice, process will be completed successfully.

Breast reduction prices 2024

The most important point about breast reduction surgery that patients wonder is the prices of the surgery. In order to be able to give clear information about breast reduction prices, first of all, the patient must undergo a medical examination and must be informed by the doctor.

Because of the fact that the technique applied to the patient, the quality of materials used, the location of the hospital and even the field of specialization of the doctor affects the prices, booking an appointment is required.