What is Eyelid Surgery?

The aesthetic procedure which is applied to upper and lower eyelids is called eyelid surgery. The procedure is to stretch the muscles around the eye in order to eliminate the appearance caused by sagging eyelids. Eyelid surgery has to be performed by a plastic surgeon and it is whole process including operations applied to area around the eye.

How is eyelid surgery done?

Upper and lower eyelid surgery is carried out separately. Upper eyelid surgery is a procedure that is applied to repair eyelid drooping. It is performed by cutting and removing excess skin and muscle tissues. On the upper lid, incision is opened along the natural lines of the eyelids. On the lower lid the insicion is opened below the lashes and the purpose of this operation is to prevent baggy eye lids.

What are the signs of aging in eyelids?

The skin has elastic tissues, but it may lose its elasticity because of aging or other factors. Aging occurring on the face becomes apparent first around eyes. The signs of aging noticed on eyelids and eye bags causes dull and tired appearance. The signs of aging in eyelids manifest themselves as goose feet around eyes, tired facial expression, eye bags, eyelid wrinkles and droopy eyelids.

What are the signs of aging in the upper eyelid?

One of the main signs of aging in the upper eyelid caused by various factors is droopy eyelids. The reason of the droopy eyelids which aging causes is sagging of the skin on the eyelid. The purpose of the eyelid surgery is to eliminate these sagging and drooping eyelids.

What are the signs of aging in the lower eyelid?

While the upper eyelid sags, in the lower eyelid eye bags occur. Depending on the signs of aging and tiredness in the lower eyelid bags and sagging occur. As a surgical treatment, eyelid surgery is an effective solution.  As the lower eyelid gets thinner, crow’s feet form and is the best-known sign of aging.


It is absolutely necessary to have a conversation with the doctor and expectations must be informed to the doctor. To reduce the risk of bleeding which is also likely to happen in other surgeries, medications used must be stopped before the surgery.

The doctor must be informed about using medications. Since smoking and alcohol consumption impact on healing of wounds, they must be stopped before the surgery. After deciding having surgery, herbal supplements must not be used either.


Eyelid surgery is applied to those who the doctor has found appropriate, but it is applied to people who are older than 35 years of age. As the signs of aging start to become apparent at the age of 35, there is an age limitation.

The surgery may be required in early ages for those who have medical problems and this is quite normal. Eyelid surgery can reduce the results of aging but can not stop aging. However, because of the fact that the effects of the surgery last for 7-8 years, it helps to eliminate tired facial expression.


Eyelid surgery can be performed on the upper or lower eyelids separately or both at the same time. While upper and lower eyelid surgery are being performed, incision points are selected carefully in order that any scars may not be left.

As eyelids are the regions  which have good  blood circulation, healing time is very short, therefore no scars are left. Some doctors stated that during the examination a year later healing that was observed was so good that the point where the scar was couldn’t be seen.

According to the condition of the patient the surgery is performed under local anesthesia and s/he undergoes the procedure without feeling any pain. After the surgery which is carried out under local anesthesia, the person can return to work life in the same day.


In eyelid surgery the patient does not develop any complications. As with all surgical procedure there may be a risk of bleeding. To minimize the risk of bleeding, using blood thinners must be stopped before the surgery.  Infections are not usually experienced, but in case of any infection antibiotics prescribed by the doctor should be taken.

The risk that is experienced most often and likely to happen is lower eyelid sagging. This sagging generally occurs in the way that lower eyelid pulls down. This is caused by removing excess amount of the skin or placing less amount of skin than needed. All risks are more likely to happen during the repeated surgery for the second time.

The prices 2024 of eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgeries are procedures which have applications varying patient to patient. To determine the price, examination must be performed before the surgery and there are some points that have to be made clear.

This point is whether the patient needs lower eyelid surgery, upper eyelid surgery or both. In addition to these points, there are different factors that impact on the eyelid surgery prices.

These factors are hospital, experience and qualifications of the doctor,  condition of the patient and the number of operations that will combine etc. Before eyelid surgery a conversation with the doctor is vital and it is necessary to get information about the process.