Hair Transplantation For Women; Hair transplantation can now be performed not only for men but also for women. Nowadays, hair loss is not only seen in men but also in women. Hair loss is seen due to a variety of nutritional changes, birth, stress, vitamin deficiency, anemia, seasonal spills, genetics, chemotherapy, hormone deficiency and many other causes.

The most important thing before hair transplantation is that you need to investigate the causes of hair loss. You need to know whether your hair loss is seasonal or genetic and permanent. Because the seasonal or hair loss that comes with the birth will return to its original state over time.

When we detect that the hair loss is permanent, we check if the donor area in the ensemble is sufficient. If there is enough hair in the donor area, then hair transplantation can be considered as an option. Hair transplantation for women is performed same as the hair transplantation for men.

Considering the hair shedding area and the level of baldness, the operation can be also performed by shaving only donor area considering the hair thickness, density and quality of grafts.

During the preparation for hair transplantation, only a small window on donor area can be cut to open. In this way, after the operation, the shaved donor area can be camouflaged with the help of a ponytail if the individual has long hair.