Consultation & Hair Analysis

Consultation and hair analysis steps of hair transplantation are as important as the operation itself. During this step, the capacity of donor area is analyzed to define the exact number of graft which can be extracted.

Evaluating and measuring hair thickness, hair density and proportions of multiple and single grafts are also important. Later, we make measurement on the recipient area (transplanted area) by calculating exact number of graft per centimeter square on frontal, middle and crown areas.

In the light of calculations and individual’s expectation, the safest hair transplantation is planned. To have a successful hair transplantation, consultation and hair analysis step should be worked through.

Blood Test 

Once consultation and hair analysis steps are completed, blood tests are done to make sure that the individual does not have any contagious diseaselike AIDS or Hepatitis C etc. Please be reminded that for those who have AIDS or Hepatitis C, hair transplantation is not an option.

During the blood test, one tube of blood is taken for. Is prepared to be injected during the operation and considering blood test result, we prepare the individual to be taken to the operation room.

Preparation For Operation

The individual is taken into a changing room. There, one of our nurses shave the hair and help changing clothes and wearing the operational shirt. After all preparations are completed, the individual is accompanied to the operation room.


The operation starts with local anesthesia. In the clinic, experts perform the extraction step as the first step of hair transplantation. The extraction step is performed with low speed modified micro motor by one of our extraction experts. The extracted hair grafts are kept in hypothermasol solution in 4+ degree to be implanted later.

After extraction step, incision step is performed. During incision step, new hair canals are opened on recipient area to implant the extracted grafts.

The original hair growth direction is taken into consideration during new canal opening so the aim is a natural looking after the operation. In this step, PRP is injected to recipient area. Once the incision step is completed, the last step of hair transplantation starts: implantation.

During the implantation step, extracted hair grafts are implanted into new opened hair canals to the original direction of hair. The implantation step is performed with medical forceps by the expert implantation team.

The whole procedure is performed under local anesthesia therefore hair transplantation is a pain-free operation. When the operation is completed, we dress the head and give information about post-operative care.

Post-operative Care

The day after the operation, the dressing is opened and controls done. Two days after the operation, the first washing and controls are completed by our nurses. It is important to wash the hair next 10-12 days after the operation as it is explained in the clinic.

For washing, a special shampoo, lotion and antibiotic cream are used. They are provided by the clinic. Like in every operation, post-operative care is as important as the procedure. You can always contact us for your post-operative care questions.