What is Smile Aesthetics?

The process of putting the aesthetically distorted teeth into a beautiful and natural shape is called smile aesthetics. It is a procedure performed with the simultaneous application of more than one treatment. A personalized treatment plan is prepared. In this way, the most accurate and satisfactory results can be obtained.

How is Smile Aesthetics Performed?

It consists of treatments applied in stages. In the first stage, the problems that exist in the teeth of the person are determined. The mouth is evaluated. Caries, distortions, number of missing teeth and gum problems in the mouth are examined. As a result of these evaluations, treatment is applied. Although smile aesthetics is done with aesthetic concerns, it has a great effect in the mouth as a function. Significantly improves speech and chewing function.

Which procedures are applied to the teeth to achieve a beautiful smile?

Tooth extraction, veneer, implant application, teeth whitening, cleaning of dental calculus and gingival aesthetics are applied. The age of the person, the problems in his teeth, the condition of the mouth, the position of the jaw and the financial budget are the criteria taken into account in these procedures.

What Kind of Procedures Are Used in Surgical Interventions?

In surgical interventions, dental implants are applied. It is a type of fixed prosthesis. These prostheses are permanent. A screw is placed in the jawbone. The screw should be expected to fuse to the bone. It is a long-lasting smile aesthetic method. However, considering its use and advantages, it is the most preferred dental treatment and recommended by dentists.

How to Fix Jaw Disorders That Disrupt Smile Aesthetics?

Disorders such as posterior jawbone, anterior lower jawbone, and problems in closing the teeth are the most common disorders. Mouth closure angle is a problem that has a serious effect on smile design. Orthodontic method is usually chosen for treatment.

The movement of the bone and the alignment of the teeth are associated with jaw problems. For this reason, people with jaw disorders can have smile aesthetic treatments by meeting with a jaw surgeon and orthodontist.

Before Smile Design and Treatments Applied?

There are some points to consider before making a smile design. First, a panoramic x-ray is taken. The alignment of the teeth, their root, the condition of the jawbone and caries are detected. Before smile aesthetics, the bruises in the mouth are removed. Filling is applied. Problems in the gums are eliminated and it is checked whether there is an infection in the mouth. In this way, trouble-free and satisfactory problems are eliminated.

Which Methods Are Used for Smile Aesthetics?

Correction of gums, zirconium coating, implant, wisdom tooth extraction, orthodontics and tooth extractions are applied. The crooked teeth, interdental spaces and palate strictures must be corrected with orthodontic treatment. Although there are long-term treatments, orthodontic treatment is recommended especially for young people.

It is aimed that the person’s own tooth is permanent. In the treatment of smile aesthetics, short-term and immediate results are preferred. However, treatments that give permanent and definite results are always preferred.

Personalized Smile Types

Each individual’s lip structure, size, tooth color and tooth shape are different from each other. For this reason, smile design should also be made individually. The Hollywood smile, which has become fashionable in recent years, is the most preferred type of smile.

In this smile design, the front teeth are long, the side teeth are short and the lips are full. However, it is a smile form that is recommended for people with long and distinctive facial features. It is the type of smile that comes to mind first when it comes to smile aesthetics.

How is Smile Design Made? What are the Treatment Stages?

Every individual wants to have a beautiful smile. In order to realize this situation, it is necessary to choose the right dentist and appropriate treatments. It is applied gradually under local anesthesia. There is a preparatory phase. Mouth structure is a whole.

For smile design, the entire mouth should be evaluated together. Tooth color and tartar are examined. General cleaning of the mouth is done. The stones are cleared. The degree of wear on the teeth is determined. Volume loss in tooth sizes is normal up to certain rates. However, there may be problems with increasing volume losses.

First, the bruises are destroyed. Volume losses are repaired. Gaps and distortions between teeth are eliminated. Implant treatment is applied when necessary. As the last step, teeth whitening is performed and dental treatments are completed.

No matter how perfect the arrangement of the yellow teeth is, it is impossible to talk about a smile design. For this reason, the indispensable step of smile aesthetic treatments is the correction of tooth color.

Advantages After Smile Design?

Treatments performed by professional dentists by applying the right treatments offer some advantages. If we list the advantages of smile aesthetic treatment;

  • Tooth fractures and volume losses are treated permanently and the results of the treatment are used for life.
  • The harmony of the chin with the facial features can be corrected without any problems. In this way, a more proportional and beautiful face is revealed.
  • Single tone and white colored teeth are obtained. Color changes due to eating are not seen for a long time.
  • Speech and chewing function is significantly improved..

The benefits of treatment are not temporary. It is used for life when appropriate treatments are made for the tooth structure and problems.

What is the Difference Between Smile Aesthetics and Smile Design?

Smile aesthetic treatments are treatments with a narrower scope. When it comes to smile design, it also intervenes in lips and chin problems. The entire facial area is intervened with filling processes.

However, in smile aesthetics, more dental and gingival problems are intervened. Genetically, the problems in the teeth are disturbing both in terms of appearance and function. Due to the increasing aesthetic concerns in recent years, dental treatments are frequently requested.

You can permanently eliminate the problems in your teeth and jaw with short-term treatments. You should not forget that you need beautiful smiles to increase your self-confidence and have a more social life.

Are Veneers Always Done in Smile Aesthetics?

Veneer treatment is the treatment method used to remove missing teeth, eliminate the loss of volume in the teeth, eliminate color problems and eliminate cavities in the teeth.

Thanks to this treatment, you can have the alignment and color of your dreams in a short time. For veneer treatment, the teeth are reduced to a certain extent. The prepared tooth fragments in leaf form are adhered to the teeth with a special adhesive. It is a permanent treatment.

It is important to use veneer models produced from quality materials such as zirconium. Otherwise, material and moral losses may occur. Laminate applications are treatment methods that contain a wide range of materials. People who have time problems and want to save time should definitely prefer veneer treatment for smile aesthetics.

Smile Aesthetics Prices 2024 How Much?

There are some considerations when determining treatment prices. The treatment method used, the duration of the treatment, the location of the clinic where the treatment is performed, the surgeon’s treatment fees and the number of sessions are taken into consideration.

In particular, the location of the clinic is the criterion that increases the transaction costs. As a result of the researches, dental implant and zirconium coating treatments are the treatment methods with the highest amounts.

However, considering the advantages of these treatments, it is definitely recommended to have it done. You should not forget that you should be careful in choosing a physician and clinic for smile aesthetic procedures that you will be satisfied with the result.