What is Liposuction?

Vaser Liposuction is the process of removing excess fat tissues produced by different causes in the bodies of people who do dot have obesity problem from a specific region of the body. It is the most effective treatment method for those who have excess fat.

Liposuction, which  is a surgical method that has improved from past to present, is one of the most effective aesthetics applications. It is especially used on thighs, the buttocks, west sides and abdomen.

Liposuction Surgery

Since Liposuction is a surgical operation, it has to be carried out under general anesthesia and operating room conditions by a specialist. It is a process which is applied in the form of removing fat tissues by vacuuming through incisions with small diameter or breaking up fat tissues.

Who can Liposuction be done?

Liposuction should definitely be monitored by a specialist. Liposuction application is not a slimming method, it is only a method that provides regional thinning by removing regional fat tissues. 

Liposuction is a quite reliable method that can be applied to anyone who does not have a health problem, who is not pregnant or has just given birth and is not a lactant. It can not be applied to some elderly patients and before application risk factors should  be determined by applying a number of tests.

Which Areas Is Liposuction Applied?

After the doctor’s examination, whether the patient suits the surgery should be determined. Liposuction surgery, which is carried out to remove regional fat deposition especially produced after pregnancy caused by various reasons, is applied to thighs, buttocks, waist and abdomen to get rid of the fat tissues in these regions effectively.

What is the recovery period after liposuction?

 After the operation, the corset should be used during the recovery time recommended by the doctor.These corsets are used for about 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the amount of adipose tissue taken and the patient’s characteristics. Stitches are removed one week after the procedure and three to four weeks after the patient may recover and return to work and daily life.

Liposuction Types and Techniques

In addition to various types of liposuction depending on the price, there are some types which are applied to the people. Super-wet is the most common of all these types. Liposuction is applied to the patient with four different techniques which are super-wet, wet and dry.In super-wet technique the liquid  which prevents bleeding is injected.

Thanks to this liquid, fat tissues liquify and are removed from the body. Since in wet technique the patient feels less than in dry technique, wet technique is preferred. While these are the techniques of liposuction, the most preferred  method is laser-assisted liposuction.

In Which Situations Liposuction Is Not Useful?

It should be known that liposuction is not an application for losing weight and therefore the patient should maintain their healthy life including diet and exercise.

Although liposuction gives quite effective results, it does not work on those who gain and lose weight very often. In addition to having different price, liposuction applied to remove regional fat tissues is not used for preventing sagging and sagging cannot recover. Liposuction does not fix sagging that women having a delivery experience and is not used for getting rid of cellulite.

Does Liposuction harm the patient?

When performed by a specialist and under sterile conditions, preferred an appropriate method for the patient, liposuction is a quite safe method and does not have any side effects. Since the patient is under general anesthesia, s/he does not feel pain.

It is possible to recover from surgery by following the doctor’s instructions without any complications and the prices of liposuction are determined depending on the person.

Liposuction Surgery Methods

Liposuction methods are divided into three groups which are laser, wet and ultrasonic. The right method for the patient is preferred. While wet liposuction is generally used but laser assisted liposuction is also used successfully as it does not leave a scar.

Main goal in each method is to soften and remove fat tissues from the region. No matter which method is applied, in addition to undergoing the process comfortably and safe, the cost of liposuction varies.

Recovery Period After Liposuction

Since liposuction is carried out under general anesthesia, the patient should stay in the hospital overnight. If there are not any requirements, four hours after the patient can be discharged from hospital by the specialist.

In order to accelerate healing after operation, standing up early and physical activities have great deal of importance. Feeling pain after liposuction is normal and after taking painkillers it can be eased in 3-4 days. The corset should be used for three weeks.

Stitches are removed one week after the procedure and the patient may return to work life. The patient can start walking within two weeks following liposuction. However, it is advised to avoid exercising for six weeks.

Liposuction Prices 2024

It is not possible to charge a certain price for liposuction surgery. In order to get information about what affects liposuction cost, the patient should have a conversation with a specialist and should undergo a medical examination.

Some of the factors that affect costs are patient’s condition, the liposuction method that suits the patient and amount of fat issues to be removed. These factors have a great deal of effect on prices.

Even though having a liposuction operation in a well-equipped health center with FDA-approved equipment increases the cost, it is necessary for health because of its reducing the risk of complications and increasing permanency.

It should definitely be performed by specialists under sterile hospital conditions.The patient should have conversation with the doctor for the detailed plan of the surgery and should get clear information about liposuction prices.