What is Non Shaven Hair Transplantation?

In today’s conditions, the method of non shaven hair transplantation is one of the treatment methods preferred by many people. During hair transplantation, the procedure is carried out without shaving.

It is possible to get the expected look to the patient with non shaven hair transplantation, which is used in new generation methods. The follicles are extracted from the donor area without shaving and implanted into the recipient area.

Thanks to this method, the natural look of the patients is protected. It is one of the treatment methods that women and men can undergo very comfortably. In case of excessive hair loss, thinning and hair shedding, non shaven hair transplantation can be performed.

How is Non Shaven Hair Transplantation Performed?

For the procedure, it is necessary to make an examination by determining on the donor area and the recipient area. Non shaven hair transplantation can be applied in two different ways. It can be divided into partially shaven and non shaven.

Partially shaven hair transplantation is applied in operations requiring approximately 1000 or less grafts. It makes the procedure easier if the patients’s hair is thin and the recipient area is small. When non shaven transplantation is applied, first of all, the grafts are extracted.

Afterwards, channels are opened and follicles are implanted into the recipient area. After the non shaven hair transplantation procedure is completed, the patient is expected to recover and then the treatment process is completed with various application methods.

Non Shaven Hair Transplant Methods

There are two different methods in use;  DHI and FUE method. Variability can be observed among the non shaven hair transplantation methods applied. The method appropriate for the patient should be performed. Generally, this is determined by the specialist.

The FUE method is performed in one session. The number of grafts implanted in this method is approximately 4000. The DHI method is also performed in a single session and the number of grafts implanted is 3000. Each extracted follicle has 1-3 hairs.

Benefits of Non Shaven Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation methods usually require a long wait and patience to get results. The patient has the chance to see the results within 10 days after non shaven hair transplantation.

Compared to other hair transplant methods, it is quite successful and there is a possibility of getting results in a short time.

There will be no need to wait for the hair to grow as in shaved hair transplantation. After the operation, the patient can return to his/her social life. This method helps to get successful and effective results without affecting your social life.

Who Can Have Non Shaven Hair Transplantation?

This application mostly appeals to women and therefore it is one of the successful hair transplantation methods that women have preferred a lot. Thanks to this method, women do not need to shorten their hair like men.

For this reason, it is highly preferred. It can be easily applied for men and women who suffer from hair loss. However, the health status of the patient is taken into consideration before the procedure.

This method is mostly applied to treat the hair loss cause low density on the top of scalp as a result of an accident or a condition. Non shaven hair transplantation is also a method that the patients who suffer from hair loss and hair problems on the frontal area. It can also be preferred for hair on the vertex area.


Hair transplant operations are usually performed with shaving the hair. However, there is no need for this with non shaven hair transplantation. Because the procedure is performed on long hair and there is no need for shaving.

It helps more natural look after the procedure. Since the operation is performed without shaving the hair, patients can keep their natural appearance and the surgery is not noticeable.

The recovery period is shorter than other applications, and within 10 days after the hair transplantation, the implanted hairs shed and start to grow again, you get a natural appearance in short time. It is more advantageous for women. Because after the operation, women can keep their natural look with their long hair.


The result of the operation depends on the successful rate of the specialist and the correct application of this method. In non shaven hair transplantation, it is not possible to get successful results if the distance between the follicles cannot be adjusted correctly.

One of the most important points is performing the implantation of follicles in accordance with the natural hair angle and natural hair direction. The duration of the operation in this method is quite long. Therefore, the patient must be patient.

Since this application is a surgical operation, hygiene should be given great importance. Otherwise, the patient’s infection status is high. Non shaven hair transplantation is a treatment method that requires patience and effort.


Non shaven hair transplantation is the treatment method preferred by women and men due to natural look. One of the most important points is that the operation is performed in a right way by the right specialist. The area where implantation is performed should be small.

Hair transplant methods vary from patient to patient. Almost everyone prefers to benefit from the non shaven method in hair transplantation procedures. Thus, it is aimed to get faster results. After the hair transplant, regular checks should be carried out and the instructions given by the surgeon should be followed.


As its name signifies, in the non shaven hair transplant application, the operation is performed without shaving or shortening the hair. In this way, the patient’s preoccupations in his/her social life is eliminated. The patient do not feel social pressure and gets a natural look.

The application without shaving is completed without restricting or changing the patient’s life. It is among the preferences of the patients who do not want to give up their hair style. When shaved hair transplantation is performed, it is usually noticeable.

However, this is not the case in non shaven hair transplantation. On the contrary, it provides a natural look to the patient and protects the hair style. When the procedure is performed, it allows the patient to relax psychologically, but since it takes a lot of time, a little patience is required.


When the procedure is performed, the hair must be long. Seven centimeters long hair makes the operation easier. Thus, you get results in a short time without waiting for the hair to grow. Medications must be discontinued for a short time before the appointment.

In particular, to discontinue blood thinners prevents bleeding that may occur during the operation. As in all types of hair transplantation, products such as hair conditioner, lotion, hair styler and cologne cannot be used before the non shaven hair transplant operation.

Non Shaven Hair Transplant Prices 2024

It should be kept in mind that hair transplantation is one of the personalized applications. Because non shaven hair transplantation is priced by considering the number of grafts implanted, the treatment method, the hair structure of the patient, the success rate of the specialist and the quality of the equipment used.

Since FUE and DHI methods are used in non shaven hair transplantation, pricing differs for both. This method can be a little more costly than other methods. It is best to get more information by contacting the specialist surgeon.