Hair Mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy is among the treatment methods that fulfills the mineral, vitamin and amino acid needs of the hair. Thanks to this method, the follicles get all the nutrition and the components they need, at once.

Hair loss can be prevented and treated with mesotherapy application. It helps the hair to become shiny by gaining its vitality. Nowadays, hair loss has become a very serious problem not only for women but also for men. For this reason, hair mesotherapy is included in the application that those who try to solve this problem with some treatments.

It is a treatment method that is more effective than the use of chemical products for hair. You can start using some products to make your hair shinier and more voluminous. However, the effect of these products and the effect of hair mesotherapy are not the same.

Because, this application is 8 times more effective and safe than that products. You can see the effect of the medications injected into the scalp in a short time. It helps to nourish the hair and provides energy.

It is more appropriate to have the sessions as often as your doctor recommends. It will be important to pay attention to the warning of the doctor in order not to constantly accustom your hair to this diet and to avoid adverse reactions.

What is Hair Mesotherapy?

The hair mesotherapy is a treatment method which is used as a result of damaged and need reinforcement of the components. There are certain reasons for hair loss and hair thinning that occur in today’s conditions.

It occurs due to genetic factors, environmental factors, psychological conditions and many other reasons. Hair mesotherapy cures and prevents hair loss, which is genetic and hormonal.

The deficiency that occurs in the hair is eliminated and if the necessary components are taken, a brighter and more voluminous appearance is obtained. There is no side effect of applying hair mesotherapy. Choosing the doses used according to the patient is also an effective treatment method.

How is Hair Mesotherapy Applied?

The application consists of five stages and if it is done incompletely, positive results cannot be obtained. Therefore, progress must be made by following all the stages. For hair mesotherapy, ozonized hot water is applied to the scalp of the patient in the form of vapor..

Ozonated water vapor helps the patient’s scalp to soften and the applied medications to penetrate more easily. Therefore, this stage is very important and needs to be done carefully. Thanks to this technique, the possibility of the patient to feel pain is minimized.

Hair mesotherapy gun, which is a special device of mesotherapy, is used. The medication is prepared and a mesotherapy injector of 4 mm length is attached. Before the medication is injected, nearly 300 needles are placed in the scalp.

The pain caused by the needles is very little. After the needles are injected, the scalp is bled and the medicine is injected. The process takes approximately 3 minutes.

After the bleeding process is over, the medication is completely injected into the scalp. The injection of the medication into the scalp is done with a special injector. Needles with length of 6mm are used. Likewise, the medicine is injected into the scalp.

After the operation is over, the scalp is washed with a special solution and then dried. When the hair is moist, a special curing application is made. The purpose of curing is the well absorption of the medication, since the needle holes are open.

As the cure is applied under local anesthesia, no pain is felt. It helps wounds to heal faster and show its effect in a short time. After the hair mesotherapy, a special mixed oil is applied and it protects the hair from external factors for approximately 6 hours.

Before and After of Hair Mesotherapy

There are important points to be considered before and after the application. In case of hair loss, many treatment methods are used. However, hair mesotherapy is among the treatment methods that patients need to try eventually.

It is a great advantage that this application is used in the treatment of hair loss seen in both men and women. In this process, it is necessary to get in touch with a specialist doctor for treatment. If there is no problem in getting approval and having this treatment, the patient is given an appointment.

If the patient is on blood thinners, these medications should be discontinued 1 week before the appointment. Likewise, stopping alcohol consumption and smoking for a while is important both for the treatment and for the health of the patient.

After the application, the hair is not washed. Therefore, it is recommended to take a shower before the hair mesotherapy application.

As in all kind of treatment applications, there are important points to be considered after hair mesotherapy application. After the application, your hair should not be wet for two days.

Keep it dry as much as possible and avoid heavy sports and exercise. It will be better for you if you rest for a few days. After the application, avoid from hair care, hair dye and chemical products.


It is a treatment method applied to the scalp to prevent hair thinning, revitalize and prevent hair loss.

Considering that my friends had the application done and were satisfied, I decided to have it done. But for some reason I was not as satisfied as they were.

It hurt a little during the procedure, but it was applied effectively.

You can increase or decrease the sessions as much as you want. Some recommend 8 sessions for this. I did not face any problems. That’s why you can also get it done.

This is an application method that I did not do, because I wanted to have it done but I could not gather my courage.


Hair mesotherapy is an effective treatment method for people with hair problems. The success rate is very high, especially for those who suffer from alopecia. It ensures that people who experience hair loss due to various reasons have their hair as thick as before.

During the application, the patient does not feel pain. Therefore, it can be easily applied for all age groups. Being suitable for all age groups increases the demand and makes it more reliable.


It is appropriate to do the application in approximately 4 sessions. 40 minutes are enough per session. There is no problem in having the sessions once a week. The schedule of sessions are prepared by the expert in a way that is suitable for the patient.

Therefore, it can be preferred easily and safely. Hair mesotherapy application can also be applied after pregnancy. In order to get effective results in hair loss that occurs after pregnancy, there is no problem in its application.

Hair Mesotherapy Prices 2024

Pricing information is one of the issues that everyone is curious about but cannot get certain information. In order to get information about hair mesotherapy pricing, it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

The price varies according to the technique to be applied, the success rate of the expert and the quality of the equipment used. For this reason, detailed information about hair mesotherapy can be obtained by contacting a reliable hospital.