DHI Hair Transplant

In today’s conditions, DHI hair transplant is the most preferred hair transplant method. It is preferred by many people because of the successful results of the application.

This method, which means direct hair transplantation, is done by experts. During the application process, it helps to implant the grafts without any damage by the medical pen called choi.

Since the application takes approximately 10-12 hours, it is generally more costly than other hair transplantation applications. Choosing a hygienic environment for DHI hair transplantation is very important. Because, the health of the patient is more important than anything else.

How Is Dhi Hair Transplant Performed?

As in all hair transplantation, preliminary examination is performed in DHI hair transplant. The area called the donor area and then the number of grafts that the patient needs are determined. Hair follicles are extracted from the donor area by special devices.

When the hair follicles are extracted, this process is done very carefully. During this process, there is absolutely no damage to the extracted follicles. Since the procedure is performed with a special pen called choi, the hair follicles are implanted properly. In this way, there is not much follicle loss and the follicles are implanted on the recipient area.

There are various pen tips are suitable for different type of extracted follicles from the donor area. Therefore, this point is taken into consideration before the procedure. In DHI hair transplantation procedure, it takes a few minutes for a single follicle to be implanted.

For Whom Is DHI Hair Transplantation Applied?

In today’s conditions, hair loss problem can be experienced in women and men due to various reasons. Over time, this situation leads to baldness and hair thinning. Hair transplantation is the right decision for this situation, which has become the common problem of our age and cannot be prevented.

DHI hair transplant is a very effective method for areas suffering from hair loss. Thanks to this method, it is easy to place the collected grafts in the recipient area. This application, which is performed under the local anesthesia, has no harmful effect on the person.

It is a treatment method that can be performed for anyone who has hair problems and baldness. It can be applied for men and women. If the necessary conditions are fulfilled, it can be performed for the people who do not have any health problems.

You can get the necessary and detailed information by contacting reliable hair transplant centers. After the preliminary examination is performed, the expert will give detailed information about both price information and the application of DHI hair transplantation.

Before DHI Hair Transplant

In order to get this procedure done, first of all, it is necessary to get in touch with the hair transplant centers. During the first touch, a preliminary examination and observations are performed. The condition of the patient’s hair follicles is taken into consideration.

The donor and the recipient areas are determined during the examination. Then the number of grafts to be implanted for the patient is decided. If the patient is suitable for the procedure and there are no problems, an appointment is made to perform the procedure.

One week before the appointment, the patient should definitely avoid physical exercises, smoking and alcohol. This situation, which is important for the health of the patient, should be taken into consideration. The preparation phase is very important.

Therefore, the patient must be ready for the procedure in a healthy way. The patient can have breakfast on the day of DHI hair transplantation. If the procedure is performed in the afternoon, there is no problem with eating light meals. The hair must be clean at this time.

If possible, you should not apply hair gel, conditioner, lotion on the day of the procedure. It is useful to pay attention to the cleanness of the hair. More effective solutions can be seen for non-oily hair.

After Hair Transplant

It should not be forgotten that the person should behave more carefully and correctly after hair transplantation. After the DHI hair transplantation, the patient should definitely rest. The rest period should be approximately 7-10 days. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful and follow the instructions given by the expert during this period.

There is no problem for the patients to return to their normal life after the procedure. After the DHI hair transplant procedure, itchiness will occur on the scalp. In this case, it should not be scratched and the solution or creams given by the doctor should be used.

After using these creams, the itchiness will go away and there will be no pain. If there are medications used after DHI hair transplantation, you should inform your doctor about this situation. During this period, you may have to stop taking medications.

The patient should not travel within this period and should rest if possible. In time, there will be scabs on the scalp. It is useful to know that there is nothing to worry about in this crusting and it will disappear in a short time.

During this period, the hair should not be wetted and washed. In order for the hair follicles to hold onto the scalp, you should not wet your hair for a while.


It is possible to have more than one advantage with DHI hair transplantation worldwide. Before the hair transplant is done, the donor area and the recipient area are determined. It is applied in accordance with these areas.

After the hair transplantation, the patient is to see the effect of procedure in a short time. Since the healing process passes very quickly, you can have thick and long hair in a short time. It is absolutely not possible to face a health problem for the patients who have had DHI hair transplantation.

It is a type of application that does not harm the patient because the patient’s own donor area is used. People who do not have any health problems can benefit from this application. If you also have problems with sparse hair, hair loss and baldness; You can have a healthy hair transplant.


I can say that hair transplant procedure takes quite a while. Thanks to the application, I had thicker hair. So I can say it’s worth the wait.

Approximately 3000 grafts were implanted for me. I can say that the procedure took approximately 6 to 7 hours.

Anesthesia was applied before the application took place. Meanwhile, I can say I had some pain. Because I felt the medicine burn. But if I look at the result, I am quite satisfied and I say I’m glad I got it done.

I did not anticipate that the procedure would take this long and effective. I approached with prejudice, but I can say that I am more confident with the result I have now.

I am sure there are many people who are faced with the problem of baldness. That’s why my advice is to go and have a hair transplant as soon as possible. Because I am very pleased. I hope you will stay too.

DHI Hair Transplant Prices 2022

It varies according to the method to be performed of the hair transplantation. It is not possible to give an exact price for this procedure, especially performed by DHI hair transplantation. The equipment used during hair transplantation, the number of grafts, hair structure and the success rate of the specialist are taken into consideration.

Therefore, DHI hair transplant pricing differs from person to person. Before the procedure, the required number of grafts is determined. Since the number of grafts differs from person to person, there is a variation in cost.

The more grafts are transplanted, the more DHI hair transplantation cost will be. You can contact hair transplant centers to get more precise price information.