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Hair Transplant Turkey – Istanbul

Hair Transplant Turkey

In today’s conditions, hair transplant turkey is among the treatment methods used in hair loss, baldness and thinning of the hair. Thanks to hair transplantation, many people can have denser and more voluminous hair. Therefore, it is possible to say that it is the most effective application among the treatment methods.

How is Hair transplant turkey Performed?

Hair transplant operation, which is among the treatment methods, is performed under the application of local anesthesia. The application is very practical and effective. When the hair transplant is performed, the donor area where the grafts to be extracted from the patient is determined. After the number of grafts required is determined, grafts are started to be extracted. The extracted grafts are collected with micro motors with micro punches. Thus, hair transplantation is performed without damaging the hair follicles.

Preparation for Hair Transplant Turkey Operation

Preparations are started for the operation to be performed. Before starting the procedure, the preparation stages for the hair transplant operation are performed in a way that includes the patient’s profile, the necessary tests, the surgical application stages, the care process and the hair regrowth are determined and done. It is an effective treatment method to prevent hair loss. It is preferred safely and because of its great successes from the past to the present.

Basic Stages of Hair Transplant Istanbul

If the patient decides to have a hair transplant operation, preparations begin and some stages are passed. The patient is examined and must go through the first stages to be able to analyze blood tests. Then, when it is determined that there is no problem for the patient to have the procedure, the head is shaved and local anesthesia is applied. After both the donor and the recipient area are anesthetized, the grafts are extracted. The amount of grafts that is required for this type of transplantation is extracted. Afterwards, the design of the frontal hairline is determined and the operation is started. Grafts are extracted and implanted into the recipient area. The grafts extracted one by one for the hair transplant procedure are implanted one by one into the recipient area.

Before Hair Transplantation

For the operation, you must first undergo the hair control by a specialist. Planning is made by getting information about the condition of your hair follicles and hair loss. If there is no problem for the patient to have the hair transplant procedure, the patient is given a day for an appointment. The patient must take a break from alcohol and smoking one week before the appointment. This is very important and effective for the operation. There is no any problem for the patient to have breakfast or a light afternoon meal on the day of the appointment. In hair transplantation, the hair should not be oily, it should be clean. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful not to use products such as hair creams, hair solutions, gels. Wearing comfortable clothes will relax the patient psychologically and will not need to strain himself/herself.

Hair Transplant Clinics

There are hair transplant centers in almost every city. Thanks to these clinics, it will ensure that it will have great effects on hair transplantation. Therefore, try to get detailed information from them, which will allow you to meet with the clinics where you will have hair transplantation. By removing the question marks in your mind, you decide on the clinic where you will have the operation. Make sure that the hair transplant clinic has successful results. It is useful to stay away from the centers that you do not trust and try to perform the procedure at very low cost. Because health is always important.

After Hair Transplantation

As in all kind of procedure, there are important points that needed to be considered after hair transplantation. The patient should be rested regularly after the operation. It is beneficial to take this rest for approximately 10 days. The better the patient is rested, the more effective and healthy results he/she can get. To ensure that the hair follicles get into the scalp correctly, do not wash your hair for several days. Try to get through this process by being careful that it is not moist and wet. Especially avoid from swimming. The drier you keep your hair after the hair transplant, the faster the hair follicles will get into it. Apply the creams and solutions given by your surgeon to your hair for itching. Thus, itching will go away. Do not worry when rashes and irritations begin to occur on the scalp after hair transplantation. Because these symptoms mean that the operation will give a healthy result.

Hair Transplant Results

The development of technology has brought many treatment methods with it. These treatment methods are designed to be suitable for the patient. Hair transplantation is among the most effective treatment methods. It is possible to say that the results of hair transplantation have reached the degree of perfection and are in great demand. In case the procedures are successful, it gives confidence to the people and encourages them to benefit from this procedures. In case of benefiting from this procedures, it is achieved to be one of the treatment methods that give the people self-confidence and make a great contribution.

Hair Transplantation in Istanbu

Before having the hair transplant, you should get in touch with reliable clinics, then, you can get this procedure done safely. Having hair Transplant procedure in Istanbul, you can have more than one opportunity. Since Istanbul is a large and developed city, it brings many advantages. You can get detailed information about the procedure and price information by contacting the hair transplant clinics in Istanbul.

Hair Transplant Reviews

It was the first time in my life that I have done to something like this. Actually, I got effective results, I wish I had done it before.

Maybe something like the turning point in my life has happened. Because my hair was shed too much, I was afraid that it would never grow back and I would be bald. But now I have learned that no matter what happens, I have to take risks and see the results.

I think it may be one of the application methods that those who approach with prejudice like me will have it done and will be surprised afterwards. So I want you to know that I got an effective result.

Hair Transplant Prices 2021

During the research for a hair transplant procedure, one of the points that everyone is curious about but cannot find an answer is the prices of hair transplantation. Since this pricing varies every year, there is a determined price list. This price list is evaluated periodically. Because for a  hair transplantation procedure, the number of grafts is usually taken into consideration and the price is given accordingly. Therefore, you can get detailed information and price by contacting the expert.

What is Hair Thermotherapy?

There are more than one treatment method among beauty applications and various care products. Thanks to hair transplant thermotherapy, hair follicles are nourished and help them take some vitamins and minerals.With the thermotherapy application, the hair is exposed to the steam effect. Thus, it helps to the nourishment of the hair and the softening of the skin by opening the pores. Although it is a treatment method that people with hair loss and thinning problems do not know much, it is worth saying that the effect is very large. It is done once a week and it last for approximately 20 minutes.

How Is Laser Hair Therapy Applied?

The most important aesthetic accessory of women and men is their hair. In case of hair loss or thinning, very annoying situations begin to occur. In order to eliminate these problems, you can benefit from laser application in combination with hair transplantation. It helps the transplanted hair to grow stronger and faster. The laser application helps to stimulate the weakened hair follicles and accelerate the blood circulation. Thanks to the laser application, it helps the cells that have not growth hair to regenerate new hair.

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