Rhinoplasty  (Nose Job) Surgery

Nose Job Surgery, which is called rhinoplasty in medical terminology, is the name of surgery performed to reshape the nose.  Nose Job Surgery is sometimes required out of necessity and is sometimes needed for aesthetic purpose.

Nose Job Surgery is the most effective method to correct deformities of the nose caused by various factors. The surgery is usually preferred by women. Although the first priority is to correct deformities of the nose, having difficulty is one of the problems which should be eliminated in order for the patient to breathe comfortably.

How is Rhinoplasty  done?

As rhinoplasty  is a surgical procedure, it has to be performed under general anesthesia and operating room conditions. It usually takes two hours and different types are selected depending on the patient. Open and closed rhinoplasty are different types of Nose Job Surgery.

In severe deformities the doctor absolutely prefers open rhinoplasty. In closed rhinoplasty incisions are opened with the nostrils. Without scarring of stitches, recovery period is short in closed rhinoplasty that is applied in mild cases.

Who is a good candidate for rhinoplasty?

Nose Job  surgeries are procedures that can be applied to patients of any age. The operation can be applied after muscle bone development is completed.

While age limit is not important, whether development of bone and skeleton system is completed is significant. For that reason the patient decides to have rhinoplasty under the doctor examination.


In closed rhinoplasty, incisions are opened within the nostrils , leaving no visible scars. It takes a short time for the patient to recover in closed rhinoplasty. Having a lower angle of view in nasal operations performed with a closed technique means that it is effective in eliminating small deformities.


If deformity of the nose is not severe ,non-surgical Rhinoplasty is will be preferred. Non-surgical rhinoplasty is known as “nose filler” in medical terminology and is performed by placing fillers into the nose.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a quite simple and effective procedure and fillers used in operation suits the body and extremely safe materials. The shape of the nose is corrected according to expectations and by this way it is possible to have the desired appearance.


Before the surgery the doctor examinations are vital and after examinations suitable treatments methods must be selected. Two weeks before the surgery date, medications used must be stopped and the doctor must be informed about this.

Giving up smoking or stopping smoking for a while which affects recovery period is required before rhinoplasty operation. The medications and  supplements advised by the doctor must be used. Rhinoplasty surgery must be performed after menstrual period.


After Rhinoplasty surgery the patient shouldn’t get up for a few hours and painkillers must be given before the pains that are likely to happen like in all surgical operations start. As the impacts of the surgery continue in the first  few days, liquid diet is advised and the patient should sleep by keeping his/her head elevated. It is considered that nasal congestion normal after the surgery and the patient should not blow his/her nose for fifteen days.

To have final shape wearing glasses is not advised for six months. In order not to face any complications following the instructions of the doctor is essential.


Those who had rhinoplasty operation will get the appearance they want to have. As determining the method that suits the patient helps the patient to undergo the procedure without any risks, the surgery must be performed by a qualified and experienced doctor.

After a closed or open rhinoplasty surgery bruising and swelling are normal. By following the doctor’s advice the patient can have an appearance that meets her/his expectations.  Depending on his/her  condition the patient can return to work life in a week to ten days.

The patient breathing comfortably after dressing is removed, s/he must protect his/her nose from hits and medications advised by the doctor must be used regularly. After rhinoplasty surgery temporary loss of smell may occur, but there is no need to worry, as it is temporary.

The Prices 2024 of Rhinoplasty

The cost of rhinoplasty depends on the procedures that will be performed. Since the duration extends depending on the process that will be done and the techniques used, the cost of surgery vary.

The price of the procedure applied to only the tip of nose is different from the price of procedure including applications for difficulty to breathe along with process in the tip of the nose.

Considering these points, prior to the surgery the patient must consult the doctor for expectations and techniques in detail. Thus, both treatment procedure and costs will be clear.